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DIY Christmas spiced peppermint hot chocolateIngredients: 

  • Quality cocoa powder
  • Brown sugar
  • Nutmeg and cinnamon
  • Peppermint candy canes
  • Dark chocolate chips (try the Chocolate Trading Co)
  • White choc chips
  • Milk choc chips
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Recycled glass jars

DIY Christmas spiced peppermint hot chocolateHandmade gifts. Nothing beats them. We made these tasty hot chocolate drink gifts last Christmas for my daughter’s teachers. They were so easy and good fun to make that we’ve made them again this year. This time we’ve made them for her close friends as well as her teachers.

DIY Christmas spiced peppermint hot chocolateWhat makes this gift awesome?

Recycling – we collected our used jam glass jars for these gifts
Luxury – a little bit of good quality chocolate
Handmade – because everyone really does love handmade
Yummy – young or old, luxurious hot chocolate is always a winner
Creative – painting, decorating, layering the chocolate, creating the tags, and decorating the jar

DIY Christmas spiced peppermint hot chocolateMake your spiced peppermint hot chocolate gift
St Dalfour jam jars were collected during the year. Scrubbed in hot soapy water and stored away.

Mix cocoa, sugar and spices
These are measurements I used to fill a 284g jam jar. Mix a tips of a teaspoon of each spice with a full teaspoon of brown sugar. Add this to every four tablespoons of cocoa. The sugar is not absolutely necessary for a tasty drink, and you can substitute the cocoa, sugar and spices for hot chocolate powder. Although the taste of cocoa is rich and smooth – it’s just better.

hot choc1Layering up
After adding the cocoa, sugar and spice mix, add two tablespoons of white chocolate chips, another of dark chocolate chips and then milk chocolate chips. Top up with mini marshmallows – but not right to the top. Leave a small gap so the jar can be shaken and the ingredients mixed just before the drink is made.

This makes three big mugs of hot chocolate.

Christmas spiced peppermint hot chocolatePrepping the jar lids
I lightly sanded the lids and then painted them with gloss enamel paint to create a deep red shiny lid. A bright self-adhesive rhinestone was then pressed on the centre of each lid.

NEW choc7We made our own tags – two for each jar; aqua and brown – and wrote the instructions using a silver ink pen: Shake jar, add three spoons to hot milk, stir and enjoy. PS: Dip in the candy cane for a peppermint taste! 

The peppermint candy canes were tied around the jar with twine and narrow red ribbon. They can either be crushed and added into the jar before placing the marshmallows. Either way is heavenly good!

Are you going to give this a go? Please drop a comment and let us know.

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