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hot chocolate on a stickWith Christmas being incredibly commercialised,  I like to remove myself from it – and making gifts is one way of doing it.

Making hot chocolate on a stick is a wonderful gift to give. It’s quick, simple and easy, plus it’s delicious, and brings smiles to the faces of the people you give it to. Buy about 300g of quality milk chocolate chips, remember, quality chocolate, not from the supermarket – Google your local suppliers.

hot choc newMelt the chocolate chips, we used Wilton’s melting pot to melt ours.

Then, pour into an ice tray. Stuff in mini marshmallows, because hot chocolate isn’t hot chocolate without mini marshmallows. Pop in ice cream sticks, and you can buy these for a song on lovely ebay. Leave in the freezer to set for about an hour.

choc2Pop out of the ice tray, and presto. They’re simply beautiful, aren’t they?

choc4We slipped ours into cellophane bags and tied with colourful ribbons. You can add a gift tags and write on: “Pop into hot milk. Enjoy”.

Made with love, always.