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Confetti filled balloons are gorgeous for parties: bunched together; a giant one with a tassel tail; mini ones topped on a party cake; or tied to paper straws for fun wands (and more).

They seem easy to create – just fill up clear balloons with confetti, inflate, tie knot and show off. But unless you know a couple of tricks, they’re not that easy to get right first time. First time I did it the confetti wilted and clumped together at the bottom of the balloon.

DIY confetti filled balloons

So here’s how to make your own confetti filled balloons and get it right first time:

  • Fill a clear latex balloon with tissue paper confetti – if the confetti is small it should pour in easily. If you’re adding in giant confetti then you use a plastic bottle neck to funnel the confetti in.
  • Don’t blow up your confetti balloon – using your breath will make the confetti damp and it won’t stick to the inside of the balloon.
  • Fill balloons with air using a balloon pump or helium, both work well. Creating static is the secret to ensuring you show off your confetti balloon to its full potential.
  • Once inflated, rub the balloon with your hand to create static, then roll the confetti around inside the balloon for the static to take effect.
  • Towards the end of the party burst the balloon for a shower of confetti!

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