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birthday countdown garland adventIn 15 days she will turn 10. She is excited, the countdown is on. Time is gushing through life’s colander. There aren’t enough plugs to fill all the holes, but that’s fine. Let it pass and collect in a pool of memories and moments. From one minute to the next, it’s okay to have those in exchange for time. Cos what is time without them? Maybe a life of just passing time. So while she counts down the days, I will count up the moments. But hey, that’s between you and me (and the cat).

birthday countdown garland DIYTo bring a little fun into the daily countdown I made her a ‘birthday countdown garland’ and strung it up on her bedroom wall. It’s simply 15 small paper bags – LEOPARD PRINT DESIGN – and each one is filled with a teeny tiny gift. It’s like an advent calendar, minus St Nick and the chatty crew.

birthday countdown garlandThe gifts inside the bags range from those vacuum-food-sweet-toys (aka Kinder eggs), to more meaningful stuff, like a small heart photo frame with a special photo inside; a tiny monkey keyring she has wanted for eons, loom bands (to make those loom bangles), a small antique brooch from the charity shop, and a teeny pack of dominos.

birthday countdown garlandIt was relatively quick to make:

  • popped in the gifts
  • folded the tops of the bags
  • stapled them shut
  • punched a hole in each bag
  • threaded string and ribbon through all bags
  • hung them up on her bedroom wall

birthday countdown garland 7Yep, she loves it. Mission accomplished.