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rry and chocolate jelly cupsJelly is a timeless favourite, whether you’re a youthful tot or a time-weathered crone. Add fruit, chocolate and marshmallows and you’re on to a winner.

rry and chocolate jelly cupsThese strawberry and chocolate jelly cups are quick and easy to make and bring a burst of colour to the party menu. Each cup is packed with sliced strawberries, drenched in jelly, and topped with chocolate-dipped and sprinkle-coated marshmallows. And what makes them perfect for little ones’ parties is they’re pretty close to healthy! As well as quick and easy to prepare, you can make them the night before.

rry and chocolate jelly cupsWhat we used (to serve six hungry kids)

  • 2x packs of Hartley’s strawberry jelly cubes
  • I punnet of ripe strawberries
  • 50g strawberry chocolate chips melted (we bought ours from our all-time favourite chocolatier the Chocolate Trading Co)
  • Pack of marshmallows
  • Cake sprinkles

strawberry and chocolate jelly cupsHow we did it

  • We quartered the strawberries and placed about three in each cup. The cups we used are 9oz clear plastic smoothie cups, which you can buy from our online shop here
  • The jelly was prepared according to the packet instructions and then poured into each cup. The cups were then placed in the fridge to set for five hours
  • While the jelly was setting we melted the chocolate and dipped in 12 marshmallows, then dipped them directly into sprinkles. The marshmallows then went into the fridge so the chocolate could harden.
  • Several hours later we popped two marshmallows into each cup and that was it!

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