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chocolate making kit

Perfect for parties or as gift for a chocolate lover: make & decorate your own chocolate bar.

It’s colourful, sweet, entertaining and brings a lot of fun to kids’ parties: welcome to the ‘choco-kit‘, which includes everything needed to make, decorate and package a large milk chocolate bar.

chocolate bar kit

Using luxury chocolate by one of the UK’s leading chocolatier, this beautifully presented kids’ chocolate bar kit is easy to us – all that is needed is a microwave. The chocolate is melted in the bag it is packaged in, and then poured direct from the bag into the reusable chocolate mould provided. Then it is ready to be decorated, set and packaged.

choco-kitEach kit includes:

  • 100g quality Belgian chocolate buttons
  • Decorating sweets (mini candy buttons, strawberry buttons and orange buttons – but you can use your own too, like crushed biscuits and fruit)
  • Reusable chocolate bar mould
  • ‘Handmade by’ sticky label (for children to write on their names and label their chocolate bar)
  • Paper bag to package chocolate bar
  • Instructions
  • Kit comes in a box and tied with ribbons

chocolate kitOrder your choco-kit for £7.90 from our party shop here