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free from bannerHow do you prepare party food that accommodates food intolerances and allergies without compromising on taste and visual wow? Where do you even begin to decide what types of food to prepare, where to get the special ingredients, and how to make sure it all comes together perfectly for little guests on restricted diets?

We have teamed up with Freefromforkids to bring you two tasty party food menus – with links to the recipes. The recipes are all free from nuts, dairy, egg, gluten (apart from the cornflake chicken nuggets – but a substitute is advised) and wheat and are easy to prepare.

> Three things to do BEFORE planning the party menu

1. Snack boxes or buffet? 
Decide if you want to present party food in an individual snack box for each child or buffet style with platters for children to serve themselves. Snack boxes are ideal if you need to avoid specific foods for individual children, plus kids love having their own packed food!

2. Dietary requirements
When preparing the party invitations ask for dietary requirements and don’t forget to include a RVSP date. Once all the responses have been received you will know what food items to avoid and this will help you plan your menu.

3. A place to shop
It is useful to know where to shop for free from foods and ingredients. Although most supermarkets have a ‘free from’ section the variety of foods are often limited. All the free from ingredients in our two menus can be bought online from Freefromforkids.

> Free from party menus

We have prepared two food menus, and the food in menu A can be presented buffet style, or as individual servings in party boxes or on paper plates for each guest.

Click on the links to be taken to the recipes on the Freefromforkids site, where you can also buy relevant ingredients too.

free from children's party food

Free from nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat and gluten. Note: cornflakes may contain gluten; substitute for Hale & Hearty Gluten Free Breadcrumbs available at Freefromforkids.co.uk

Menu A
• Crunchy potato wedges, cornflake chicken nuggets and veggie sticks (carrot and cucumber) – see the recipe here
• Chocolate and banana cupcakes – see the recipe here

NOTE: For gluten-free chicken nuggets substitute cornflakes with Hale & Hearty Gluten Free Breadcrumbs, available at Freefromforkids here.  

free from party menu b

Free from nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs.

Menu B
• Build your own pizza – free from pizza base – see the recipe here 

Provide the following toppings for children to add to their pizzas: Chopped ham; grated cheese (opt for diary-free); chopped peppers; olives; sliced pepperoni; fresh finely chopped basil

• White chocolate and raspberry brownies – see the recipe here

What is the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance?
Food allergy and food intolerance are often confused. Symptoms of severe food allergic reaction are often immediate and include: tingling of the lips, swelling of the lips/tongue/throat, projectile vomiting, difficulty in breathing, faintness and collapsing. Food intolerance or sensitivity, however, is a collective name for a group of symptoms and illnesses connected to food. Typical symptoms of food intolerance are often delayed and include: bloating, nausea, an urgent need to go to the toilet, migraine/headaches, skin rashes, joint pain, runny nose and IBS.


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