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Woman on TopFeaturing Ilona Deakin, the woman who started Reading based business Tiers of Happiness

She’s a talented artist. You’d expect to spot her at those refined art fairs in west London. The ones that serve champagne and tiny canapés on polished silver. But her medium isn’t a chalk pencil or oil paint. It is sugarpaste. And her title is cake maker. A title that becomes slightly understated when you see what she creates with a modest lashing of sugar and flour. Even sugar artist is gently disparaging. Simply put: she’s an artist.

The person behind Tiers of Happiness is Reading-based cake maker Ilona Deakin, who has a knack for creating [almost] any cake you can imagine. From canal boats, vintage cars and digital cameras to toothy sharks and steam trains – Ilona is an expert in producing cakes that guarantee to WOW.

Wedding cakes is Ilona’s speciality. Next to that comes party cakes – and I don’t think there’s any child’s storybook character she can’t morph into a cake. And to prove it I’m really pleased to share Ilona’s Peppa Pig pirate party cake with you – a 20 hour work of art!

peppa pig pirate party cakeHere’s her story behind the cake:

Ilona Tiers of Happiness

Cake maker Ilona Deakin talks about her Peppa Pig pirate party cake

What is the story behind your Peppa Pig Cake? I was asked to create it by my husband’s friend who was organising a joint birthday party with a pirate and Peppa Pig theme for her two boys who were turning 4 and 2. The ship is actually based on another kids’ TV series, Jake and the Neverland Pirates as the requirement was to have a bit more traditional-looking pirate ship rather than the simple Peppa Pig one.

How long did it take you create? It took 20 hours to create, definitely a challenging cake but all worthwhile.

What was the trickiest part? The trickiest part was how to fix the sail which was made of sugar paste onto the mast made of dowel and sugar paste as well. After couple of attempts and two days of drying, the sail successfully went up! 

Peppa Pig pirate party cakeWhat is the filling? It was a simple vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve.

What is your one top tip for creating beautiful party cakes? My top tip for beautiful party cakes is to use lovely bright colours which will make a hell lot of difference!

Peppa Pig Pirate Party CakeWhat is the next cake you’re working on? The next cake will actually be cupcakes – flower fairy cupcakes! I will be making delicate meadow-like sugar flowers and butterflies for these with vanilla buttercream in soft pink and purple colours.

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