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halloween cookie 2a The only prep work in making these fun Halloween cookies is the time it takes to make sugar icing. For me that’s five minutes {not including clean up time}.

I love their big white teeth and ruby-red lips – see, I’ve started personalising them, giving them a soul and personality of their own. That’s a symptom of motherhood for you: giving every inanimate object a spark of life and a full back-story.

The mouths are made from those long liquorice tube-looking-things (you still with me?) cut into approx. 2cm strips and then sliced down the middle to form a nice, wide toothy grin. Think it’s a grin? Or a grimace? The eyes, my friends, they are white chocolate Maltesers cut in half with a dot of sugar icing in the centre of each.

Halloween monster cookies Now for the easiest part: I confess, I didn’t whisk eggs and sugar together to make perfect little cookies. Nor did I grease the baking sheet {and my fingers/hands/forearms in the messy process}. The biscuits are tea biscuits, bog-standard-happy-classic-nothing-special tea biscuits. The icing is sugar icing with a dash of red and yellow food colouring, the natural food colouring.

So I will leave you with that while I go and rescue these little sugary monster fellows from the salivating fangs of tiny, hungry children…

halloween monster cookie

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