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halloween party supplies at julie rose party coSpine chillingly spooky Halloween? Here’s the three essentials: carved pumpkins (stuffed with electric tealights), frightfully clad kids, and tasty treats. No tricks please, we’re not too keen on tricks. Pumpkins, kids and treats – the basis for a goulishly sweet Halloween bash for little people!

This is our first Halloween experience at julie rose party co, and it’s been awfully exciting stocking up on spooky party stuff. There’s no doubt, we’re definitely in spooky spirits here. If you’re planning a kids’ Halloween party then have a peek at our collection. There’s everything you need to set the hairy scene, and one of our favourites are the enormous 3ft party balloons, adorned with fat spiders and acres of web. Notch up the frights with our colourful hanging heads, which include a skull, witch, cat and pumpkin.

kids halloween party at julie rose party coWant some Halloween inspiration and plenty of ideas to bring your little’s ones spooky party to life? Follow us on Pinterest here.

PS: download our free Halloween party invites and cake toppers here