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Yes it's early. The summer leaves haven't fallen. But it's here, and it's yours to print (or email)

I’ve finally acknowledged it: we’re more than half way through this year. Yesterday I was looking through photos trying to find a half decent profile photo of me to use for work purposes. I flipped back to 2010, not too far back. But when I looked at me from 36 months ago I was surprised by how different I looked.  Three years gone in a zap. But only when you pause and absorb it do you realise how things are constantly changing, moving forward. Not just the physical, but the mental and spiritual too. I never fully appreciated that until yesterday. Makes me want to clutch all the beautiful passing moments and prop them on dry ice to keep them as fresh as daffodils at the start of spring.

Halloween cupcake topperBack to Halloween. It’s eight weeks and a bit away so if you’re throwing a spooky party for your little ones now is the time to get planning. Not that a simple Halloween party demands endless weeks of planning, but it’s just fun to plan kids’ parties, isn’t it?

To bring in the cheer of terror here’s your free Halloween party invitation. It’s sized to an A5 so you can print two on an A4 sheet.  It’s been created with younger children’s Halloween parties in mind, so we’ve backed away from the blood and gore. To download your PDF invitation click here.

As part of the theme we’ve created a matching pack of free cupcake toppers too. There are 12 cupcake topper prints on this A4 PDF. The chore is cutting them all out if you don’t have a circular shaped punch. Print them onto card if possible then cut out. Use cellotape or round clear sticky dots to attach them to lollipop or cocktail sticks. To download your PDF cupcake toppers click here.

A set of 12 matching cupcake toppers, or they can be used as labels.

A set of 12 matching cupcake toppers, or they can be used as labels.

Your thoughts and feedback is always appreciated. Think it’s cool or c**p? Your opinion counts! Happy pre Halloween (okay I’ll grab me coat…)

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