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diy party cutlery colleageWooden cutlery is just as good for indoor parties as it is for picnics – it’s a blank canvas just waiting to be spruced up!

The wooden cutlery I’ve used for this project was derived from eco-friendly sources {you can buy an 18 piece pack here for £2.95}. The only materials I needed were text transferables {available at WH Smith or most art stores}, tissue paper, and modge podge – or clear glue to seal the tissue paper.

diy party cutlery what you needHow it was done

Very easy. I rubbed on the text transferables to the cutlery handles and then sealed them with a coat of modge podge. Next I cut out strips of tissue paper to fit the cutlery handles and sealed them on too with modge podge. After about two hours’ drying time the decorated cutlery was ready to P-A-R-T-Y!

See my previous post here about glaming up plastic cutlery. 

diy party cutlery 2Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

wooden cutlery set

£2.95 – wooden cutlery set from julie rose party co

Buy an 18 piece pack of wooden cutlery from julie rose party co here for £2.95.