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our giant handmade pinwheel!

our giant handmade pinwheel!

Think it’s possible to throw a fabulous child’s party for under £30? I’m keen to find out, so I’ve put myself to the challenge – to create an awesome, fun and memorable child’s party for under £30. See my previous post here about what prompted me to do this.

My £30 has to cover the cost of everything, from food and decorations to party bags and entertainment. This is new to me, I’ve never done a child’s party for under £150 before. But, since starting this challenge I’ve realised a couple of things I hadn’t anticipated. My children are excited about it and very closely involved. They’ve been helping create decorations, giving advice on colours and have even joined me in finding and recycling materials. And secondly, as much as it’s extra work, it’s incredibly rewarding. No I don’t feel like I’m skimming on my child’s party, I actually feel like I’m giving them far more than they’ve had previously. It’s a wonderful experience so far – which I didn’t expect I’d say!

...and our £30 budget is still healthy!

…and our £30 budget is still healthy!

We’ve already created and gathered a little more than half the goodies needed for the party. In my previous post I gave you a peek of the party hats we’ve made. Well here’s the giant pinwheel, it’s 1.5 by 1.5 metres, and – even if I say so myself – it makes quite a dramatic impact!

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