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a sneak preview of our £30 party challenge!

a sneak preview of our £30 party challenge!

Did you know parents in the UK spend on average £300 on their child’s birthday party?* As a mum of two this doesn’t make me choke on my tea. It doesn’t shock me. However, it was also pointed out that some parents spend up to £800 on their child’s party.  Now that makes my eyes water and gag on my mouthful of sugar-less strong Yorkshire tea.

But, stack up the sums and you can see how the pounds escalate. A party entertainer for two hours; a full buffet of hot and cold lunch followed by dessert and extra dessert; party bags to the tune of £11 each; a party cake worth a few pennies under £80; and decorations. Countless decorations. Remember, there’s a collective 30 kids. And it’s not parents trying to outdo parents. Bring in the flags of sanity – it’s parents wanting to create a party their children will love and remember for always.

I’m politely flipping up the proverbial party table and going skint. So here it is: I’m creating a fabulous child’s party for under £30. Think it’s possible? Reckon we can create a wonderful, cheerful and memorable party for 10 children for less than £30? I’ve never spent less than £150 on my children’s parties over the years, so this is new territory. And, I’m not going to feel ashamed, selfish or cheap. I’m going to love every moment, and my children are going to join this journey too.

So there it is: my budget is £30, and I’ll share the results with you soon. If you’re on twitter, follow my updates here, #30poundpartychallenge. Thanks for popping by 🙂


* According by a recent poll by Mum’s Show Live 2013