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perfectly pink

My daughter is almost nine so the riotous pink party days are behind us, only just. I’m pretty sure she won’t forget them. Maybe some details will slip to where lost memories go, but hopefully she’ll always remember the great fun she had.

A beautifully pink party

Get the look – the party table

Pinks don’t need to match, the more mismatched shades of pinks at the party the more exciting! Go for pale pink, cerise, deep plum, fuchsia, burgundy, hot pink and even throw in a little white and silver.

Tissue pompoms

tissue pom-poms strung up above the party table

The party table is the focal point of a party, it’s a chance to be as bold and creative as you and your party child can be. Follow these tips to easily create a beautifully pink party table:

> Use a diningroom table and place it against a plain wall
> Cover the table with a large crisp white sheet, or use a stripy or polka dot tablecloth
> Place a string of pretty bunting across the front of the table – see a tutorial here (by Julie Rose)
> Cake stands make a great impact, have several of them in various colours, shapes and sizes and adorn with cupcakes in pretty cases
> Fill large jars and vases with fill with pink candy like M&Ms, jelly beans and marshmallows
> Fill a large glass jug with pink lemonade, see recipe here (by Cooking Bride)
> Line up small milk bottles or recycled plastic juice bottles with pink candy striped straws – tie pink ribbons about the neck of the bottles, or create pretty labels for each one
> Bake a beautiful pink ruffle tower cake – follow the recipe here (by Martha Stewart)
> Make tissue pom-poms – see the tutorial here – and string them up at different lengths from the ceiling (by Kelly Hicks Design)
> Bake and frost pretty pink heart-shaped cookies and embellish with sugar pearls – follow the recipe here (Bellalimento)
> Cake pops are really easy to make, place them in a white ceramic serving dish – see the recipe here (by Baby Gizmo)

Birthday party refreshments

pink candy striped straws in milk bottles with ‘happy birthday’ labels

star of the party: the pink ruffle tower cake

star of the party: the pink ruffle tower cake

pretty frosted heart-shaped cookies

pretty frosted heart-shaped cookies

creatively yummy cake pops

creatively yummy cake pops

When putting your child’s party together, remember it’s not about quantity. It’s the beauty in the simple things that when brought together evokes something magical and – most importantly – memorable.

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