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Host a kids sewing party

Give a group of kids bowls of shiny, colourful buttons, some fabric, thread and a few basic sewing techniques and you’ll be amazed at the fun they’ll have {under your guidance of course}. Sewing parties are back in vogue, a kind of retro alternative to the typical princess and pirate parties. Here children learn a skill, they make something awesome and get to take it home.

A couple of summers ago I organised a sewing party for my daughter, she was seven at the time. Each child stitched their own pillowcase dress and went home wearing their unique creations. Some of the girls hadn’t held a sewing needle before, but they learnt how to do the simple running stitch within minutes. The real excitement for them was decorating their pillowcase dress, embellishing them with pretty buttons, beads and fabric shapes. I admit it was exhausting for me, so I recommend you have a friend help you if you’re considering a sewing party for your child – that and a generous glass of G&T on standby for afterwards.

sewing party

my daughter at her pillowcase-dress-making-sewing-party

Following my sewing party experiences I’ve put together a simple planner and tutorial to help others who want to take a similar route. The sewing project I’ve added in is an easy to make felt heart, it includes the full instructions plus all the materials you’ll need. The planner gives a schedule for the sewing party to help you run it smoothly. Download your free sewing party planner here.

I bought the sewing materials and packed them into individual packs for each child. I then placed them inside small decorated boxes with the child’s name on it. These were placed at the sewing table as name places. I decorated the room with bunting, vintage sewing patterns and glass vases stuffed with colourful cotton reels, buttons and fat measuring tapes.

each child received a sewing box filled with all the materials they needed to make a pillowcase dress.

each child received a sewing box filled with all the materials they needed to make a pillowcase dress.

If you use this sewing party planner please let me know how you get along. I’m sure the party guests will have a fantastic party!