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If you’re like me and keep your countless paint swatches {creative hoarder} then this is a super way to recycle them into party garlands. They’ll add a vibrant burst of colour to any celebration and they’re quick and easy to make.

They can be hung in strips from the ceiling or festooned across stark walks… and after the celebration they can take up residence in the party child’s bedroom. I’ve hung this one I made at the end of my daughter’s curtain rail.

party garland julie rose party co

All you need:

Clear thread or fishing tackle or even fine translucent necklace cord

Shape punch (you can buy this on Amazon or ebay for a half-hearted song)

Glue dots (to attach two cut outs together and adhere to the thread)

party garland julie rose party co

How to make it

Use your paper punch to cut out shapes from the paint swatches, you don’t need too many to rack up a 2 metre garland.

Double up your shapes according to colour and add a glue dot to the centre of the shapes. Carefully press your thread to the glue dot and then press on the other colour-coordinating shape. You want to make sure the shapes are the same colour on both sides. Using the glue dots will give each shape on the garland a 3D effect plus you’ll hide the text on the reverse side of the paint swatch.

party garland using paint swatches

Glue and press… glue and press… glue and press. It’s that easy – there’s not much more info to impart.

party garland

You can vary your party garland by punching out different shapes and creating patterns on the thread. If the party has a colour theme then pattern the shapes according to the colour theme. Make them sparkle by sticking gems to the centre of each one, or instead of using clear thread attach them to a length of ribbon.

party garland

Ah, too much to do, too little time. Enjoy.